Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Time at Boston Harbor

Hi Y'all!

Today was awesome. As of late, I have not been a fan of Boston and what you people here consider "summer" and the "water". You see, I grew up in South Florida (you know, where the REAL beaches are). But, today changed my mind. I am officially in love with the Boston Harbor. I got to the Long Wharf Hotel at 0630. For those who do not understand military time, that is 6:30am. Why you ask? Because I did not want to be late. Ya.... Directions + me =Not so much. Anywho, the day was beautiful. I loved the harbor tour. After (attempted) memorization of the Boston Harbor map, it was nice to actually see the islands that I had been staring at on a page for hours. Lunch was nice, but the best part of the day was the practical, hands on portion of the afternoon. I liked getting down on the dock and sticking my hands into the water. Sure, things felt slimy and sharp, but I really enjoyed it. I took a few notes, so I am going to post them below. If anyone sees something that needs to be corrected or would like to add onto them, please let me know.

01 August 2009
Daytime 1315
Tidal Pool
  • high tide
  • 80F
  • Black seaweed on rocks
  • Possible sea moss or oysters?
  • Did not see fish
01 August 2009
Floating Dock
  • Rockweed
  • Lettuce looking stuff
  • Kelp? Orange?
  • Dock is wet, possible different species here
En route
  • Pink sea roses
  • Rose (hips?)
  • Saw terrible solar panel looking art
  • Harbor walk became progressively prettier
Dock where we were kicked off by girl
  • Barnacles/ algae
  • Orange stuff
  • I grabbed what I could and put into plastic bag to identify later
4 Point Channel (1405)
  • 3 bridges- open via counter weight, spin, and rails - for raw materials
  • Big private industrial company- Gillette
  • Stormwater is sent to Harbor
  • Connected by Roxbury Connector
  • Water is brackish- salt and fresh
Barking Crab
  • Larissa, Hockey David, and Chloe
  • We examined an area in the sun
  • We examined both sides of the dock and notices that on the sunny side (West side) that there was more of that lettucy leafy looking vegetation. On the shadier side we saw more fish but no greenery. What I think are barnacles abounded on both sides.
  • After sticking my hand under the dock multiple times and using all of my and Larissa's plastic bags, we all sat in the shade to attempt to identify what we found
  • P.S. Props to Larissa for taking awesome photos for our group
  • We thought that we found the following life under our dock:
  • mottled tube maker p.605 #590
  • red beard sponge p.327 #290
  • Grinnel's pink leaf
  • lacy red weed
Ok, I will go check out hitch hikers/ invasive species and the picture that the Professor posted and let y'all know what I think. Again, if you see any notes or observations that need to be corrected, please let me know immediately.

Hasta Manana!
Alexandra Carry

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