Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Hw

Hey everybod I first just want to start by saying it has been alot of fun this week. It was great to learn about the Harbor and what makes the harbor special. Today we got to look at markel and the striped bass fish. It was the first time ive seen a fish cut and dissected in front of me. I will not lie the way Bruce carved that fish was a sight of beauty. It deffinalty was not his first day. Besides the obvious difference in sizes the strip fish had rough skin we'll the markel had smoother. I also liked how Bruce told us how eat fish because my sister was recently pregnant and It was good to learn about some inside facts. When I got back into my room me and my felllow roomates decided to cook it. We cut it up in strips and put it in the pan with butter, and garlic due to the lack of igrients we had to keep it real simple. It came out pretty good my roomate said. My days of eating fish are over due to that little accident i had with my brother in law tricking me. Anyways i just to want to say its been a pleasure and it was great to meet you all.
Joe pereira

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