Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whale watching

Another incredible moment in my life;watching whales display their talents. After the hearing at around 10am, the class again converged at our usual starbucks spot and around 11:15am. We boarded the ferry to go watch the whales at 12pm. We traveled for almost an hour and half and fortunately we saw our first whale. I was filled with excitement because i always see these whales on TV or in pictures but i've never seen a live display. The first whale we saw was a Humpback and it was just on the surface of the ocean. We were told that the Humpback was just resting. Also, we were told that they can sleep for continuous five hours, so the first whale was taking some rest. As a result, we didn't see any display of this Humpback whale. We then continued our boat cruise and fortunately, another whale saved our trip.

This type of whale was called Finwhale and was really active and was flopping in the ocean at various positions. We were told that there were two types of whales at the stellwagen bank. we were also informed that the whales do not move alone. They always move in groups but they do not keep their groups for a long time. Also, the finwhale weighs about 50tons and the humpback about 30tons.

It is believed that the flopping of the whales in the ocean can be that the whale is trying to be playful, or trying to attract some attention. Also, they flop in the ocean to help them in digestion.

I strongly oppose the catching and eating of whales. Whales are such an amazing creatures and should be preserved. I think the government should pass a law to prohibit people from catching whales.



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