Friday, August 7, 2009

Spectacle Island

August 5 2009 Bruce took us to Spectacle Island which got its name because it looks like a pair of spectacles from above.  The boat ride was nice about 20 min to a half hour to get out there because we had to stop at George's Island as well.  Once on the island Bruce ran into some of his friends and they explained to us a little bit about the island and the different programs they work for to help at risk kids have something fun and productive to do during the summer months.  Next we were on to the beach, on our way down there Bruce explained to us that there was a risk for running into asbestos which has been present on the island for many years.  

As we walked along the beach you could tell there was a lot of history to this island pieces of china plates and different pottery were found scattered about from a shipwreck in the early 1900's.  There was just such a variety of debris it was quite a site to see, the sea glass was the most amazing.  Just the different colors and textures you get from each different piece are incredible.  Bruce then separated us into groups to do a bit of observing, our task was to outline a descent size box on the beach and study and separate all of the different pieces of sea glass or pottery we could find.  On pieces of large white paper all the groups went to work and found different color and size variations of sea glass and anything else that was deemed worthy.  

My group had Matt, Chloe, Leana, and Sam in it, our first spot was down land or closer to the water.  After observing and collecting a ton of sea glass we saw that we had a huge amount of clear sea glass it was definitely the most common color in our group.  Next the browns and greens were pretty close in number with so many different beautiful color variations especially the green everything from a deep olive green to a nice pale almost white green so beautiful.  There were some blues although not that many at all which was surprising because the blue tends to catch your eye when you see it so you think there is a lot of it but that was not the case in our group. We did find two very small pieces of red sea glass which were exciting to find because Bruce did inform us that is was very rare, until a member of our class found a very large piece of it down close to the water.  

Our next spot was upland or away from the water, there was more debris in our box this time not just shells and sea glass but straw and sea weed and wood.  In general the pieces of sea glass were larger which again supports the argument for the little things end up on the bottom big things end up on the top.  We found another very large amount of clear sea glass, browns and greens were equal in second again, and this time there were hardly any blues at all which was strange because there were several pieces down land.  There was a good amount of china and pottery again, and a bonus find was a piece of lavender sea glass which was beautiful.  

Spectacle Island was a great trip we got all of our stuff done but were not there as long as Lovell's which was nice.  On Spectacle there is a great snack shack run by Jasper White and his Summer Shack employees, they also have lovely green rocking chairs you can sit on and look out at Boston Harbor, one of the nicest harbors and it is a harbor for the people. 

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