Monday, August 3, 2009

Assignment Day 2

Hey, everyone.

We finished our second day exploration, and there happened something to me. I didn't join you in the morning because I woke up late and really ashamed that. When I arrived at Long Whalf, It was 9:45 already. But finally a friendly couple give me a ride to Lovell Island. And I join you finally.

Just talking about what I found on Lovell. And the first things I saw were the ones pointed by Bruce near the beach (Pic), I didn’t recognize that these snails shells were not like the ones pushed by the ocean on the beach. And make an observation, I just found these ones are similar with each other. Althouth there was color difference, the shells had similar pattern, and they all had low spires, almost flat of the shell , which I think was really not same to the ones in the ocean. The ones in ocean always had a sharp spire I think. But this ones had no sharp spire. And maybe they are grove snails or brown-lipped snails ( From wiki, I think the ones we found are really similar with wiki tells ).

And then we walked along a marsh, and talked about something about the pepperweed. (Sorry about not catching up to details…)

Then we moved to the other side island, and began to find the crab under the stone. This kind of crab had no tooth-like claw, just a smooth claw.(pic) And I think the space between two eyes are broad. The color is dark green and black, which make it looks like the rock in the water.

Then we went into the wood, and found the snails in the wood. It’s really not so easy to figure out a snail from the messy leaves. But our group did find three(pic) which have similar shells with the ones we saw near the beach. I want to talk about there habitats I found. The snails are always live on the back of the leaves (all we found are on the back of the leaves) I think maybe they need to get rid of the sun. And when we got them, they just stayed there looks like dieing until we put some water on and they began to move.

And then we moved back to the beach. I now found there is another crab but not snails. It’s HERMIT CRABS(Plate 57) It’s the first time to see it, and it is really interesting (pic). It has a small claw and not so wide. So I think it should be LONG-CLAWED hermit crab.

Then answer the questions:

1. What made holes in the periwinkle's shells?
I think it may caused by some predator. Just dig a hole and enjoy the snail.
2. What were the unusual snails and how did they get onto the beach?
I think they get onto the beach with no choice, because there should be someone who took them here. I don’t know whether they are live or not when coming to the beach. Because I think the circumstance is a whole system. And if there were some land snails ( may be terrestrial snails which I learned from Hilary’s blog.) along the beach, they should distribute evenly instead of gathering together which make it easy to be found and killed.
3. What kind of crabs did we find in the tide pool?
I don’t find the first crab we found under rock. Maybe it’s a kind of green crab.
The hermit crab may be LONG-CLAWED hermit crab
4. Why the difference between the live and dead snail shells?
I think the died shells are dry and thin which make them easy to be broken.

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