Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey Everyone,
Our last class was on Friday and was perhaps my second favorite day in the whole week. We met in the morning and discussed about all that we had seen, learned, and encountered during our week together. Then Bruce had told us that we were going to have a fun day in the kitchen where we would prepare some great tasting stripe bass. When we got into the kitchen Bruce showed us the Mackrol he had used to catch the Striped Bass. It was a decent sized fish about 13 inches long. Then Bruce brought out the 17 pounder Striped Bass. He than started to prepared it for us. As he was cleaning it and he was explaing the body to us. he even allowed me to hold a knife and use it. He told me to keep it close to the backbone and apply pressure down in order to get the most fish to eat. He also showed us some of the fish's organs. After we had dissected the bass and had prepared it for tasting Bruce had prepared it in two ways. One was for sushi eater and the other was in the bowl with some lime juice and garlic paste. In trying both ways i think i prefered it the sushi way because i liked it with wasabi and soy sauce.
My fish That i took had gone bad by the time i had gotten home so i will be preparing some stripe bass very soon and posting the pictures. Overall I had alot of fun this week with the class and Bruce. It opened up my eyes in a new way and im glad it did because i know have a new appreciation for not only the water but for what it does for us. Thank You

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