Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am so sad this class has ended!    I feel very lucky to have been a part of a class that is so connected, where every student either has an interest in the subject material already, or develops one through out the class.  Being around excited, enthusiastic, and eager to learn people, such as Bruce and other classmates I became friends with, made this class so worth while.  As I finish my final paper addressing motion sickness, I am starting to believe that between all of the fun we had and how much there was to learn, I didn't have time to get seasick.  Whatever it was is fine with me.  T

The last day of class really captured how interactive and impressive this course offered is, as we filleted a striped bass and shared somewhat of a meal together.  I was really impressed with how we, as students, were able to explore the subject area and relate it to what specifically interested us most.  No matter what schedule we were on, I never felt hesitant to ask Bruce a question about what I saw and found, and I really got to exercize my curious nature without being punished for it.  Bruce cared more about the exciting and vast subject material rather then our set time frame or what we had planned for the day, making it a liberating and inspiring learning experience.  

I must be honest that when I got home with the Bass I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  I have always been a big Sashimi fan, so a perfect meal for me was the bass cut into thin strips, with rice on the side and a wasabi and soy sauce mixture to dip it in.  Very simple but very delicious.  I now have the desire to go out and catch my own fish, and impress my boyfriend with the freshest meal of his life, something I had never really set my sights on doing.  

Thank you for being such a caring and passionate teacher, and for keeping me so busy and intrigued that I didn't have time to let my stomach get in the way.

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