Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hi Everyone,
This afternoon after we all survived the Voodoo Science test, we took of for Spectacle Island. Once arriving there, and reviewing appropriate etiquette for exploring a National Park we learned a bit about asbestos so we knew what to avoid. When we arrived at the beach it was immediately evident that this beach was different than the other I have seen. The beach was filled with artifacts from the landfill, the ocean, and a shipwreck that we learned took place in 1907.
After a bit of discussion and exploring we split up into groups, mine consisting of myself, Brian, Chris, Dave, Alexis and Monique. We started off exploring a 6 ft. x 6ft. transect near the wrack line. We found a whole love of clear sea glass (25%), some green (15%), some brown (15%), a few blue (10%) and only one piece of red sea glass (.5%). The rest of our sample consisted of pottery (24%), shells (10%) and a piece of plastic that looked like the cap to a super glue container (.5%).

Next we took a look at another 6 ft. x 6 ft. transect that was 15 ft. closer to the ocean. This section had a similar ratio of artifacts found, however, we found fewer and noticed the pieces were smaller. Aside from Brian’s incredible spotting of a large piece of red sea glass!

As we discussed as a class, many different factors affect the beach (i.e. humans, tide, gravity, wind, current, and severe weather). All of these factors could influence the differences in our samples from Spectacle Island. In conclusion, it was definitely a fun day out on the Harbor, the island seems to have improved a lot since the days it was a dump.
See you tomorrow!

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