Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spectacle Island

Whats going on everyone? I hope everyone's week is going well as we near the end of the class. I though todays activity on Spectacle Island was a fun one. I just couldn't get over the fact that some of the artifacts found on the beach today were over 100 years old. With that said I had a great time and I also got to work with th best group out of the bunch that consisted of Monique, Alexis, Hilary, Chris, Dave, and myself. I don't want to put the other groups down, but how could a group find better sea glass than a team like ours found? My group was just awsome everyone was pulling their wieght out there I couldn't ask for a better proformance, great job group. Anyways all of the observations I had made about the investigation we did today were very clear. First off the items found further up the beach were much bigger in size than the ones closer to the low tide line. Not only were the pieces larger there was also much more of them higher on the beach than close to the low tide line. With that said I believe my group memebers would agree that we found the more rare items closer to the low tide line, that is where we found a large piece of red glass. The two areas that we studied were very closely related to eachother almost as if they were proportional. For example, Clear glass was the largest group in both areas and red glass was the smallest in both. Today was a good day I am excited for tomorrows adventure, see you all then.

Brian Strait

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