Thursday, August 6, 2009

Exploring Specticle Island was a ton of fun.  Bruce asked us to remember three questions while we were on the island:  What is it?  How much of it is there and is there a difference between our findings up shore and down shore.  The group I worked with, exploring the different types and colors of sea glass consisted of Liz, Sam, Matt and Leana.  We mapped out a 6 by 6 square up shore where we sorted all of the glass by color.  We also included pottery remains.  From most findings to least, there was an abundance of clear glass, followed by brown glass, then green, pottery, light greenish glass and finally blue glass in which we only found a few pieces.  While everyone else was to compare their first findings to a more down shore location our group decided to go further up shore then we already were.  Here we found fairly similar findings with most findings being of the clear glass, then pottery, brown glass, green glass, light greenish glass and then finally a few blue pieces.  What I noticed most is that there was a lot more pottery when we went further up shore, probably due to erosion after a big storm.  The pottery pieces were beautiful and it was a lot of fun trying to imagine what the whole piece might have looked like.  Our class as a whole realized that the middle area had the least amount of findings probably due to gravity and other natural forces.  Very fun day!
Chloe Katz

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