Friday, August 7, 2009

Fish Time!

Welp, today was quite interesting to say the least. I sat in the back of MET's culinary lab and watched Bruce saw open an 18 1/2 pound Striped Bass! The Bass was HUGE, about 3 1/2 feet. Bruce also brought a small Mackerel for us to see. Bruce showed us how to skin a fish as well as butcher it into fillets. Even though I pretty much stationed myself to the back of the kitchen for fear of passing out from seeing blood and butchering, I enjoyed seeing every one else try the super fresh fish. I don't think you could get any fresher than that!

So I took the piece of Striped Bass fillet home with me to cook. My friend, who is a much better chef than I, helped me pan fry it in some sesame oil, olive oil, rosemary, pepper and salt. Let me say, it was delicious! My friend appreciated the free lunch too. Overall, today was quite an educational spectacle!

Monique Bellefleur

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