Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Hw

Yesterday was an eventful day. First we went to the state house where Bruce gave a about how important the islands are to the harbor and how they should not be touched. It was one of the finest speeches I’ve ever heard. Then he headed out onto the boat to look for some whales. The ocean we sailed was Stellwagon Bank. Theres a few different types of whales that live there for example: Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, Minke Whales, and White-sided Dolphin. Once we got there we saw two Humpback whales. A Humpback whale is 40-50ft long and weighs around 30-40 tons. The tour guide explain that sleeps it shuts down half of its brain and the other half helps to know when it needs to come up for air. There was a big difference between the two whales we saw. One was just hanging out and resting wasn’t really moving. After that we saw another whale that I like to believe knew we were looking at it so it showed off for a good 30 mins. It was breaching and was doing some flipper slapping that looked like he was waving to us.

The question you as if people should be able to eat whale? My opinion is they shouldn’t. Just like we fight to protect the islands because they are important to us. Whales are part of these islands and if we start killing them then they wont return and people wont get to enjoy these beautiful creatures. We should continue to not allow killing whales. Anyway I don’t think it would taste every good either.

Joe Pereira

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