Monday, August 10, 2009

Final Post

Hey everyone hope you all enjoyed your striped bass I know I did.  I cooked my striped bass in a very conventional way with just some salt, olive oil, lemon, butter, and parsley.  I simply sauteed the fish in a hot pan with the olive oil and a little butter which you can never go wrong with, took the fish out of the pan and then put some white win and a bit of lemon in the hot pan and then poured that over the fish with some fresh parsley on top.  It is a simple recipe but for me it works I like fish with just some light white wine some butter and lemon with some veggies on the side, I find that those ingredients bring out the flavor best for me.  The total prep time was about 10 min and the cooking time was around 20 min it was a very simple and quick meal which is good for me because I am always on the go.  I did learn some facts while Bruce was cutting up our Striped Bass, they have tails that fan out every population has a different number of stripes, our bass was 3 feet long about 39 inches, and bass do not have teeth they have "crushers".

Overall I really enjoyed this class we had fantastic weather and everyday was a new experience.  I am from Boston actually about a half hour north a town called Swampscott which is surrounded by the water and I think that I took all of that beauty for granted before this class.  I definitely have a new respect for the water and the creatures that live in it, in New England we just expect all of this beauty to be hear but if we do not treat it right one day it will not be here.  I loved learning about Boston Harbor and what a long road it has been to getting it where it is today nothing happens over night but it was well worth the wait.  Boston has such an accessible waterfront that it would be such a waste not to allow the public to use it, and thank god there are people like Bruce who are here to ensure everyone gets their fair share of the harbor.  I loved learning about all of the different ecosystems and how so many animals share the same habitat yet it all works.  I really enjoyed learning about the Boston Harbor Islands once again I mean I have seen them out there but at least I know a little bit more about Spectacle and Long, and especially Lovell's which is a place I probably would have never gone on my own, I wish we had gotten to go to outer Brewster but hopefully I'll get there one day.

Last but not least Bruce you were to say the least a FABULOUS professor I have never met someone as passionate about the harbor as you in my whole life.  The knowledge and time you have put in to "your home" is astonoshing and was very present at the hearing at the State House.  I was so impressed with how clearly yet eloquently you came across, public speaking is not my thing so I was in awe of you.  I like you style of no bullshit tell it how it is and lets get it done because to be honest thats really the only way you can get things done, and I really respect how you work hard and play hard you have a really good balance of getting all your stuff done but still leaving plenty of time for fun.  Just watching you this week made me really respect you, you are very good at what you do, you treat people with respect and although there were 24 of us in class I always felt that you gave everyone a little one on one time it still felt very intimate.  I hope to see you soon Bruce and if you ever go to a sox game stop in to Cornwall's and say hi, have a great vacation and don't work to hard!!! Thanks again for an awesome summer experience!

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