Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spectacle Island

Hey everyone, today was a great day because once again we were able to get out of the classroom. Today with the weathers cooperation we were able to visit Spectacle Island. At this Island we learned about Asbestos and ways to avoid it through the wind patterns. After that we were able to walk down to the beach. Professor Bruce the instructed us to mark of two areas and collect things that we found interesting and unique. In the first area we marked off which was pretty high on the beach Joe, Wade, Ryan, and I were able to collect and observe many pieces of sea glass, shells, pottery, plates, and cups. The sea glass that we collected were in many different colors such as blue, baby blue, brown, white, green, pink, and orange. The most common found pieces that we collected were the green, brown, and white pieces. Some of the shells we collected were that of blue mussels. The piece of pottery I found was a baby blue piece that could not be seen through when held up in the sky which help determine it was pottery from a lamp or vase maybe. We found many pieces of plates and cups some of which had blue flower markings, green lines, and other marks. These pieces of china could have been from the sunken ship. As we dug under the top layer of rocks we were able to find sand and tinier pieces of sea glass. When were done with the first marked off area we went to the second one which was about 2 to 5 away from the water. here we found sea glass but not as much as we did in our first area. As we wondered why Professor Bruce told us to step back and we realized that we had picked an area that was scarce in rocks and particles due to the tide,wind, weather, and other factors. I really enjoyed todays work as we were able to play in the sand and observe sea glass which was a first time for me. My group was a privilege to be in and we were able to accomplish some great work.
DSC05230.JPG.jpgSean Escobedo

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