Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spectacle Island

Today was a pretty lucky day for a couple reasons. For one the wather realy held out, i was glad it didnt rain and it was really refreshing to have a cool breeze on the island. The other reason was we were all so stressed out about the test we had this morning and after all it wasnt that tough. I think i can speak for a lot of member of class on that one. Spectacle island was a very interesting place to visit. I cant believe some of the stuff that has washed ashore there. It is crazy to think some people would dump things like that into the ocean. Our task today was to examine two quadrants both of them 6 by 6. One at the top of the shore and one closer to the water. The quadrants appeared to have the same things in them but when looked at closely there were many differences. 
In our first box which was closer to the marsh area we found alot of different shades of sea glass. We were also able to find many different types of pottery. The most abundant color sea glass was definately the clear pieces then came the white, green and brown. we were also able to find one rare peice of red sea glass, credit given to Brian. There was a descent amount of pottery to go along with some snails and shells. Overall the space was mainly different shades of sea glass and large pieces of glass
The next box we tested we found more of the same colors. But instead these peices were a lot smaller in size. The colors were pretty much all the same. At this site we found a lot of pottery pieces that had flowers on them. It is unclear to why so many pieces had flower prints but once person suggested it was from a ship wreck that took place in the 1950's. It is very interesting to find pieces of evidence like this. 

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