Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spectical Island

Today, we continue to move to a new island: Spectical Island. It's not a big island, and also quiet and comfortable.

We get together to get the information of the beach which has a lot of asbestos that from all over the world. And we discover something interesting like this photo show.
发件人 From snails to whales D4

Then we split into 5 teams to find what is on the beach. We choose two part of the beach. One is near about the high tide line. And the other is near about the low tide line.

High tide area

We mainly collect 5 kinds of things on the high tide area: china( and some milk glass), green glass, brown glass, bricks, white or pinkish glass. Also apart from that, we find some blue glass.
Then we try to dig a hole to find what about the things below. It's true when we dig down, there are all of small things(small stones, small piece of glass, china). And we find some small piece of glass(brown and green). Compared with the ones we find on the surface, the small piece glass below seems to be newer and sharper. And it still looks polish. We try to find some china in the hole, but we fail. There's no china below, which I think maybe china has small density, makes china easy to be on the surface, and china are easy to be abraded by other hard stones or glass. So we can only find the big piece of china on the surface.
Analyze the amount of the things we found on the surface. we can get the picture below.
发件人 From snails to whales D4

发件人 From snails to whales D4

I think the most part is china, I don't know why, maybe because China is a big country. :-) And then the brown glass (this kind of glass are mainly from the beer bottles in China. This is because we drink a lot beer?). And the next is green glass, then brick, then blue glass.

I try to figure out why glass is so much but china is also very much. But I haven't get the answer.

Low tide area

Then we choose another part in the low tide area. We find that all the things here are smaller than the high tide area. And the amount of them are also smaller.
发件人 From snails to whales D4

I think that is because of the tide (it must be...). And the blue glass has more proportion here. and china has less.

So I get the theroy below :
Blue glass is usually in small pieces.
China is usually in large pieces.
Brown or green glass has the most proportion of all the glass.( brown or green? they almost the same)

That's what I get today.

Thanks to Alexandra and Larissa who help me a lot in my group to make me get all of them easily.


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