Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Hi Y'all,

As I am sitting here writing my paper on the Humpback Whale, I thought I would just take a break to say that I had a great time learning with all of you. I can now say that I know 1,000 times more things today about the Boston Harbor than I did a week ago. I brought my boyfriend to the Long Wharf Saturday night and told him all of the things that we saw. I am now hoping to take him along to do some of those activities. After pleading with my boyfriend to help me with my fish assignment, we ended up (well, he ended up) making an awesome pan seared bass. While I did not enjoy watching the filleting of the bass, I definitely did enjoy eating it later.

I hope y'all have an enjoyable rest of the summer, and I hope to see you on the Harbor!
-Alexandra Carry

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