Monday, August 3, 2009

Assignment #2

Today was our first day out of the classroom, It was about 80 degrees out and sunny.

Our first stop was just a short distance from the Marriott Hotel, It was low tide and the rocks that were on the ground were covered in black and green rockweed. The most interesting thing about this spot was the fact that only about 15 feet from the dead rockweed there was a floating dock. The floating dock seemed to support more life than the things on the rock. There was also more color on this dock. We determined that the main reason for this was the fact that this dock was always in the water as opposed to the rocks which were exposed and sunbaked at low tide.

Our second stop was the Four Points Channel.
At this stop we saw sea lettuce and the water was similar to the water in the inner harbor: dark and stained. We find out that the color is a result of the bottom which is more similar to a river which has a lot of foliage and mud on the bottom.

Our last stop was the Barking Crab.
At this stop we there was a lot going on. First of all there was different kinds of plant life. In most stops there was an orange substance which appeared to be Golden Star Tunicate. Second there was a lot of muscles, and sea lettuce. After pulling some stuff off of the underside of the dock we observed that there was a ton of bugs and tiny crabs on it. Our conclusion was that where ever there is plant life and sea lettuce, there also comes with it a lot of other life, like crabs and bugs.
And finally the highlight of the day was seeing a large star fish on the side of one of the docking posts.

Wade Megan

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