Saturday, August 1, 2009

Harbour Cruise

Today was our first day out of the classroom. And i think we picked a perfect day for that to happen on. The weather was beautiful out and there wasnt a clound in the sky. We started off by taking a harbour cruise around boston and over to quincy and wesagusset in weymouth. We then continues to tour around the islands and get a better view of the harbour itself. It realy is a beautiful place when you see in that close up. I hav seen it from the air and from pictures by that is the first time i have seen it close up like that. It was really an experience i will remember forever. After exploring the islands it was time to get off the boat and get on our feet and do some examining for ourselves. 

We went to some of the local docks in the harbour and were able to get a close up view to what was living under the docks in our harbour. We were able to see some stuff growing that i thought never existed.  I saw some mussels still connected to the lower party of the dock and some brown lettice looking material. We also saw some of the same lettuse at the barking crab. After we got kicked off the first dock. I guess that lady didnt realize she was dealing with the Bruce Berman!!

We then continued on to the Barking Crab where the owner there knew what was actually going on. He realized Bruce was the man in the city of boston and did not even put up a fight to let us on the dock. My partners and i examined to side of the dock one side that was always in the sun and the other which never was. Both sides have different things living on the them On the sunny side we were able to see the cheeto looking organsims and some green lettuce. While on the darker side the lettuce was no longer green rather it was a brownish color like the one we saw at the first dock. We also spotted some blue mussels that were attached to the bottom of the dock. FInally we saw a star fish that was living on a wooden pillar that was in the water. This is the first time i have ever seen a star fish living like that. I have seen them in the sand and water but never attached to a pole like that, it was very interesting. 

Finally looking at this years pictures and last years pictures from the barking crab dock area i believe that there are a couple things that come into play when examining the differences. I think the amount of rain we have had this year and the flow of the currents definately has something to do with the differences. Also maybe some of the animals or plants that were living there before got puched awya because of the bad water. One thing that is clear though is how clear the water is. The harbour has come such a long way and it is only getting clearer. Thanks to save the harbour save the bay!

David Warsofsky 

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