Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I found these three objects washed up on the shore at Spectacle Island today - Any thoughts on what they might be?


Marina Larissa Lavrov said...

The shells on the left look like a razor clam (Atlantic Jackknife Clam) and the shell on the right looks like a moon snail shell.

Not finding any moon snail shells on Lovell's threw me off on the predator of the periwinkle question!

cconn said...

After looking on google images, I have to agree that the shells look like the Atlantic Jackknife Clam. As for the snail shell, it does look a lot like a Moon Snail, but like Marina said, we didn't see any on Lovell's. Although it is a completely different island and we didn't see many periwinkles at Spectacle.

Chris Connolly