Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whale Watch

How is everyone doing today? Today was a rather exciting day in our snails to whales class. We started out the morning by listening in on a hearing about preserving the outter Brewster Islands. Our brave professor headed the argument against the destruction of these Islands and used the rest of us as examples of why we should preserve and expand these Islands. After making a quick exit out of the hearing hall we headed straight to the whale watch. I was a bit nervous about going on the whale watch because the past two times I had got a bit sea sick. This time around the seas were a lot more calm and the whales were a lot more lively as we were able to see them jumping out of the water. The first whale I saw was a humpback that was doing nothing but floating and coming to the surface to release the air in his blow hole. The second whale was also a humpback and the most interesting because he was braching the whole time we watched him. We were also able to see him slap his fins against the water several times which was neat. There was also another whale that was off in the distance that we were unable to observe much.

As for the question of if I believe it is okay to eat whale of not I would say, why not. I am sure that we eat living things over here that asian people do not eat and become disgusted thinking about how anyone could eat it. It all has to do with the culture that you grew up in and what is excepted and even though eating whale is not excepted over here it is fine on the other side of the earth.

Brian Strait

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