Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stripped Bass

Hello class! I guess this is our last blog, so I would like to begin by saying that I enjoyed meeting all of you and I would also like to state that I have learned a lot during our short period together. Yesterday professor Berman skillfully filleted a stripped bass; the fish was enormous. I even tried a couple peices of raw fish, something I had never done before. I guess that I am in to sushi now. But anyway, with the peice of stripped bass that professor Berman gave us I prepared a great dish with an old recipe my mother had. First, I marinated the fillet with some salt, lime, garlic, and Goya seasoning. Once seasoned, I placed the fillet in the fridge for approximately five hours. Once the five hours elapsed I sauteed the fillet untill it was cooked (I think). I ate the fillet with a couple of Moroccan roles along with a glass of wine. How do I know it was good?? A day later I am still alive.

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