Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spectacle Island

Larissa, Han and I observed two different areas on the beach. In the area that was highest, we observed large chunks of green, white, brown, and blue seaglass. We also found a small metal spring and lots of broken ceramic plates and cups. When we dug deeper, we found much smaller particles. There seemed to be less glass and more rocks. It was also wet. We find very few pieces of china. We did find it to be true that the largest objects settled on the top and higher on the beach. On our observation of a lower area on the beach, we noticed that the glass was not as colorful and that there was not as much seaglass. The area looked "greyer" than the higher area. The rocks in the area were not as condensed and seemed to be more spread out. When we dug deeper in our designated area, there were no signs of seaglass. It was very gritty and sandy.

See y'all tomorrow,

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