Friday, August 14, 2009

Final Post

I just can’t believe this course is ended. How I wish I would have this course for a second time. This is the most unforgettable course I have ever had.

发件人 Final

First talking about my fish, I cooked it on 8th and maybe it’s too cute to cook.:-) But I cooked it in a Chinese method, but with no typical Chinese condiments.
Oil, pepper, fish,
1.Some oil in the pan and put a little pepper in the hot oil.( heavy smoke, if you wanna try, be careful to alarm the fire detector.)
-this step can may the oil with nice pepper smells which will be cooked into the fish
2.Put the fish in the pepper oil pan-fry for 5mins during which keep turn over the fish.
3.Put some salt on the fish. Get it on a plate.

发件人 Final

Is it too simple? Ye, maybe. But in China, the next step is to cook the fish:
• Some oil in the pan and make the oil hot (over smoke, when the oil is smoking, it is not the highest temperature, when it boiling , it is)
• Red pepper into the hoooooot oil (very heave smoke)
• When you smell the delicious pepper, put the fish in, and then put 1/3 bowl of soy sauce, a bowl of water, a glass of beer(why beer? Beer can make your fish fresh and delicious when you boiling the fish, try next time), some salt, a little ginger, some scallion and some garlic(you can put a lot if you like)
• Keep boiling for 6-8mins. The delicious food is finished.

And I will miss you all, especially Bruce, I admire you so much. I don’t know how to express my feelings( in China, one can’t comment the authority maybe teachers in public) But you are the best teacher I had met. I wish I would have another opportunity to study in your class and go fishing with you. It must be fun.
Thank you my friends: Larissa, Alexandra, Alexis, Chloe, Hillary, Monique, Jackie, Matt, Mike, Sean, Rene, Samuel . I will miss you all. Keep in touch!

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