Friday, August 7, 2009

Assignment #6: Striped Bass

Hi Everyone! Here we are at our final blog entry for what was an overall great course. Today’s class on striped bass was really interesting for me as growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts and fishing with my family, we’ve caught many striped bass but never as big as what Bruce brought in today. Today we took a 39”, 18 pound bass which Bruce caught right in Boston Harbor and dissected it. Bruce caught this bass with a piece of mackerel which he also caught before fishing for the striper. So he basically left this morning with nothing in his boat but a tank of gas, a fishing rod, and probably some fake bait to catch the mackerel… good job Bruce! During the dissection we learned how to properly cut out the two sides of the bass away from the spinal cord as well how to carve out the belly meat which has a different texture. Whether or not this fish was male or female is still a question as it would require a little further analysis of its insides. From my research I did find that female striped bass are generally larger and can easily surpass 30 lbs whereas males generally do not surpass 18lbs. Therefore seeing that this fish was 18lbs it could have either have been a big male or a not so big female. The Boston Harbor is known to have some of the best striper fishing in the Northeast. Only 20 years ago striped bass in the Boston Harbor was extremely rare and they had almost been fished out of existence. The efforts of the Harbor cleanup have created a massive rebound of these fish back to Boston Harbor. Therefore it is key that we thoroughly understand the effect which we, people, have on the environment and make every effort to follow the rules set forth when it comes to catching fish and respecting marine life.

So tonight my family already had quite a large dinner planned where the main dish was to be fish. So what we did was pop my piece of striped bass into the oven with the salmon we were already making mixed with olive oil, adobo seasoning, garlic and a few additional spices.

Can you guess which one it is?

Here’s the final dish:

I wanted to once again thank Bruce on taking us on an exciting week long adventure and for all the valuable information he shared with us. I also wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed meeting you all and wish everyone the best of luck in the future!

- Nick Pinheiro

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