Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spectacle Island

Hey everyone. Today was another great day, the weather cooled down once we arrived at Spectacle Island and I got to work with a great group. Once we arrived on the island Bruce told us a bit about it's history and how it used to be a landfill and that some of the beach glass there was over 100 years old. After walking down the beach a little we broke into teams and got to work. I got with an awesome group today that consisted of Monique, Hillary, Brian, Chris and Dave. First we looked at a section that was about mid way up the shore, in this section there were a lot more pieces of beach glass (and pottery) and the pieces were larger. Our second section was closer to the tide and there were fewer pieces and and the pieces were smaller. Although this is where Brian had the find of the day, the large piece of red beach glass.

We found that while there were differences in the size and the amount of glass that we found between the two sections examined, the color distribution was similar. The white/clear glass was the largest group, then greens, then brown/amber, then blue, and then red.

The findings from our 1st section

The findings from our 2nd section

Had a great day, see you all at 9:30am

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