Monday, August 3, 2009

Lovells Island

Hi everyone, i thought our trip to lovells island was a definite success. I had a lot of fun exploring the island and learning many new thinks about snails, perwinkles, crabs and even seeing a lobster. My group was able to find a little bit of everything, We searched high and low and eventually came up with some very good observation and some very nice snails. The weather was not perfect but i thought everybody in the class made the best of the trip. After the trip we came up with a few questions that were still a little unclear to all of us. Here is what i came up with for answers.

Question #1
      What caused the little wholes that looked like they were drilled into the sides of the perwinkles?
         After looking up some infrotmation that i saw on these perwinkles i have come to the conclusion that they the moon snail is a major predator of the perwinkle. The moon sail is able to suck the snail right out of the perwinkle, therefore that is where the litle whole is from. 

Question #2
      Where did the other type of snail shell that we saw come from?

        After i randomely said they came from the sky Bruce gave me a little bit of weird look. Then after class he said that whoever said they came from the sky was close to it. I kind of ran with that idea lastnight in my research. I believe that these snails were picked up from some type of birds by the sea. The birds sntached these snails up and started to fly away. And they the snails either fell from the birds mouth or were put there. I believe that the bird would eat the snails and then just drop the shells wherever. 

Question #3

        What type of crap did we underneath the rocks?

Right when i picked up one of those crabs i was standing next to Pearl the woman who came on the trip with us. As i was holding it i believed she said it was an asian crab. I researched the asain crab when i got home and it looked the same crab. Although it said it was invasivie to this habitat i still believe they were some sort of asian crab. 

The last thing we did was seperate the snails into groups by there colors. I believe that these colors were different by natural selection. Some of the snails were foung in the ocean or on the shore while other were found on trees and on the street. All these snails may have been different in color but it is unclear to why this has happened. 

David Warsofsky


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pearl lang said...

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to tell you all how much I enjoyed joining you on your Lovell's Island expedition. I learned right along with you.

I also want to invite you to come back to the harbor islands before the season ends. Every island is different and special and holds some wonderful secrets. Hope to see you in the harbor. Pearl Lang/FBHI and NPS volunteer and snail lover lady