Friday, August 7, 2009

last day of class in the Kitchen

Another wonderful moment and this time around not on the ocean but a brief time in the classroom and majority if the time in the kitchen. At around 10am, Bruce came with a small "coffin" and I knew we had some living but dead creatures in it. After we've said what we've learned and then moved to the kitchen where Bruce performed some dissection skills. Honestly, i've seen and done some dissections of fishes several times but Bruce's technique was a new one.
In the ktchen, Bruce uncovered the coffin and took out a small fish and it was a mackerel. The mackerel was smooth to touch and it had less scales. He then took out a bigger fish and that fish was a striped bass. The striped bass fish was ten times bigger than the mackerel. It had some long black stripes from the gill all the way to where the tail is. It had a big and wide mouth but had no teeth.
Bruce, then took his knives and began some dissection on the striped bass fish. He first started his cutting from the backbone of the fish and cut all the way through to the tail. He made sure that the stomach area is left without cutting through it. After he had cut the striped bass into long pieces, he cut the flesh from the body containing the scales. He then cut the flesh into small pieces and gave some to the class to taste. I tasted like two pieces and it tasted just like sushi. Bruce then took some small pieces of the striped bass fish and added lime and garlic unto it. That one did not taste bad at all. He then made ginger and soy sauce and also cut some pieces for us to try with the ginger and the soysauce.
At this moment the class was getting to an end so Bruce gave each one a small piece of the cut striped bass fish to take home. I added a little bit salt, and goya adobo seasoning, and allowed the small cut fish to sit in it. After like five minutes, I fried the fish and i eat it with pasta and sauce. In all, it was not a bad meal. I really enjoyed the striped bass and wish i could have some more some time. I was not able to take pictures but i hope you all get the picture i'm trying to draw.
All the best of luck and see you guys some time in life.
Samuel Appiah

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