Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Assignment 3

Assignment 3,

Hey everybody.  Today we meant in the class room to take are exam.  With everybody nervous it turned out Bruce was feeling good and decided to make the exam not that hard.  Thanks Bruce.  Anyways we venture out after lunch to Spectacle Island to discover things along th shore line.  When we first got off the boat Bruce made sure to point out that we had to be careful because there was asbestos on the island and taught us what to avoid.  Thank goodness nobody came down with any that.  After that we set out into are group to explore. 

Question 1.  My group was Wade,Sean, and Charlos.  Even though we had a tough group we manage to find some cool things in are 6ft by 6ft space.  In the island which was once a dump area had a lot of stuff washed up on the shore.  Especaially beach glass and pottery glass that came from a ship that wrecked in the 1950s.  In are area we found white, light,and dark green, light and dark blue and very small red ones.  Once we moved are box closer to the water line we came to realize there wasn’t much of the glass or pottery glass there. Im not sure if we picked a bad spot or not but it was just a lot of rocks.  The glass we did find was very small and the there was almost no pottery.  This showed us that the top of the shore had much more items to look at.  I seem to feel that there was less glass on the water lne because of the current.  The higher the water goes the more pieces wash up.

In closing today was a great day and the weather was beautiful we learned a lot Spectacle Island.  I learned from watching the video inside with a few off the people that there used to be a hositpal on the the island.  I couldn’t of asked for a better trip


Joe Pereira

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