Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Spectacle Island

Another amazing day on the ocean and this time around to a beautiful island by name the Spectacle because it is believed that it looks like a "spectacle" when viewed from above. After taking our final exam in the morning, Bruce asked the class to meet at the Boston harbor at 12:50pm; ready to take the ferry and prepared to explore the wonderful island.

We arrived at the Spectacle island at about 13:45pm and we met two of Bruce's friend and we spent like two to three minutes talking to them. After that, we headed to the shore but we made a stop to read the asbestos before continuing our trip.

On our way we found a red artifact which looked like a part of red light from cars. Bruce told us that the Boston city used to dispose off waste materials to the Spectacle island so some particles found there are mostly from waste products from households in Boston. We were then grouped into four to six groups. My group was made up of four students and we were instructed by Bruce to make a 6x6 demarkation on any side of the beach and group our findings. My group found alot of particles including a half marble. Some of the findings were pieces of blue broken glass, periwinkles, mussels, broken brown bottle, and piece of green broken bottles.

We also discovered that the Brazil Nut phenomenon was a place because the particles found on top of the beach were mostly bigger and the smaller ones lie beneath. This prompted our attention and one of the group members dug a small hole to verify whether it was true that the Brazil Nut phenomenon was at place. Interestingly, it was the same observation; smaller particles were below the bigger ones. Also, we noted that the particles were arranged in somehow vertical as they get further away from the water.

We decided to give our findings ratings by using percentages. We discovered that green pieces of broken bottle were 20%, blue pieces of broken bottle were 5%, periwinkle 2.5%, mussel 2.5%, pieces of ceramics 20%, brwon broken bottles were 15% and other findings were 12.5%.

When this was done, we headed back to take our ferry and we headed home.


Samuel Appiah

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