Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spectacle Island

Location: Spectacle Island

Date: August 5, 2009

Conditions: 90º F, cloudy and breezy, tide lowering

Beach (south west side of the island) 1st site.

Observations: Our first site, which was escavated along the median high tide level of the beach, contained mostly clear glass, followed by amber glass, green glass, porcelain and china, blue glass, and finally one small piece of red beach glass. The pieces were generally rough to the touch seemingly as a result of the constant rolling around in the surf during tide changes. Each piece was relatively flat and each piece ranged in size, from 1/2 mm up to approximately 8 cm in length.

Beach (south west side of the island) 2nd site.

Observations: Our second site, which was escavated along the base of the south drumlin at the top of the beach, revealed a similar yet different set of results. For example, the pieces were generally larger than those of the first site, hence, the "Brazilian Nut" effect in action. Also, the most found to the least found types of beach glass were the same as the first site (with exception to the {small} red beach glass not found). Finally, the porcelain and china (and some beach glass of each color found) were relatively unscathed (just broken, not sanded down) compared to the first site. This is possible due to the close proximity to the base of the drumlin, which was showing signs of beach erosion from storm activity (thus releasing those items from the sand above).


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