Monday, August 3, 2009

Correction to day 1 observations

I did a little more research on our identifications of the organisims on the first day and here is what I came up with.
For the Bowerbank's Halichondria I found some more information at which leads me to believe we did not see this species since it doesn’t seem to have the black dot at the top. However, it can be found in this region so it is still possible we could have encountered some. I also don’t believe it was the crumb of bread sponge either because a description from stating, “it crumbles when handled” which our sample did not. Rather I think the orange sponge looking organism we saw was a colonial tunicate based on the information I found from Other species I may have incorrectly identifies are the red bearded sponge because I have found some other sources including that prove me wrong and a
giant feather duster because of the information and images I found on However, I’m still confident on my other identifications.

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