Friday, August 14, 2009

Striped Bass

Finally, I made it back home now after spending some time in Canada. I really enjoyed our final class together. We started the day in the classroom where we talked about all the different things that we did over the course of the week. We learned a variety of things from how the harbor islands were created to the way snails affect the beaches and its surrounded area. We also learned about all the wildlife that lives in the tidepools and how much history there is on spectacle island. We got to see massive mammals breaching the water with brute force and we read a very interesting book, which was my favorite part of the class.

The Striped Bass was a whopping 18 pounds and it had fins all over the place. Its fins on top were a spiny and tough. This fish had about eight stripes on its side colored by its scales. It had a lateral line that is a an electro-sensitive part of the fish that senses other fish movements and aids the fish in finding food. It eats its food by sucking the fish in once it is range. This fish was caught with a smaller mackerel fish. As Bruce cut the fish up and dissected it he showed us how to properly fillet a fish by putting pressure against the spine of the fish and cutting along it. He also showed us some of its organs, but thankfully did not show us the stomach which can smell pretty badly.

Since I flew international I was unable to bring along a piece of the fish. However, I did take a picture of some cooked salmon today which just looks scrumptious. It did taste better than it looks though.
In ending this last post I just want to say I had a great time with everyone in class and I learned alot. This class was a lot of fun and taught me many new things while showing me so much of the Boston Harbor area. Thank you.
-Ryan Santana

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