Monday, August 3, 2009

Lovell's Island

Hello everyone,
Yesterday's voyage to Lovell's Island was much different from the first day out on the harbor. We actually got to get hands on with live species. Some of the different things we looked at were snails, crab, and lobster. While out and about we came across a few questions that needed to be answered.

1. Q. What caused the little holes in the periwinkle shells?
A. After examining the little drill size holes to ponder what may have happened, I decided to research a little bit to find some predators of the periwinkle. I found that the Moon Snail is able to do this with its sharp teeth and suck the snail right out of its shell. (

2. Q. Where did the "other" snail shells come from?
A. We were given a hint by Professor Berman when he said that "they came from the sky," I'm convinced after looking on Wikipedia that these snail shells were once prey to sea birds. I believe that they dropped them in flight from the area they obtained them.

3. Q. What kind of crab did we see?
A. When we got to the tide pool we starting see some small crab. There was one that had a sort of green coating on it so I looked it up and it is fair to say that it is an Asian Crab. It has all of the attributes of an Asian Snail: green coating and similar size. This species is invasive however.

Day 1 research:
After taking another look at the research from Saturday afternoon, I am still confident in the research I had already done. The grey piece of sea lettuce with a flower pattern on it was definitely a Star Tunicate. I know that we said the orange "cheetos" looking things may have been tunicates as well but my research still tells me that the are finger sponges. They have all of the same characteristcs.

Chris Connolly

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