Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whale Watching

Aug 6, 2009,
75 degrees, partly cloudy
Boston Harbor

Wow, what a day! We got some amazing face-time with whales today on our whale watch harbor cruise. So not only did we get to see whales up close and personal, but we also got to see our own Bruce Berman in action today at a hearing regarding the protection of the the outer Harbor Islands, Brewster Island.

We started off our day at the State House to watch our own professor fighting for what he believes in: the Harbor Islands and a clean bay for the Commonwealth. We then took a harbor whale watching cruise. On the cruise we spotted 3 different Humpback whales. The first whale we saw was "logging" or resting between feeding dives. As the harbor cruise hostess told us, the ocean was only about 100 ft deep at this point so for the whale to dive all the way to the bottom would only take a couple of seconds. This whale would surface and rest every couple minutes.

The cruise kept moving and we spotted another two Humpback whales, one of which was breaching almost continually. The cruise hostess thought this particular whale was very young maybe even 1 to 2 years old. This particular whale also kept fin slapping the water.

Especially after seeing these beautiful creatures so up close and in action I must say that I totally, completely disagree with eating any whale of any sort. They are just too majestic to eat! Plus, I can't see a reason for why we MUST eat whales when we have many options of common proteins that are not endangered. I just don't think it's right to eat an endangered species when it is not terribly important to our health. That just seems ridiculous. Let's just chill no violence with the whales :)

Monique Bellefleur


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