Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am not so hot with the identifying portion, but I am going to give it a whirl.

1.I think that the snails we saw today were Grove Snails. I found this by going to google image and typing in "snails on Boston Harbor" which then brought me to an image which brought me to Save the Harbor's Youth Blog where I found a picture of what looked like the snails we found today.

2.I did not get a good look at the crabs today, but rather the lobsters that we found under the rocks. I looked through the field guide but could not find anything that resembled what could have been the crabs we saw today. So, on this one, I fail. I could just copy someone else's answers, but that would be wrong.

3. After googling a few different times to figure out what makes holes in snails, I kept coming across something called a "Moon Snail". But, wouldn't we have had to see the moon snail as well as the other snails on the island today? Yes, but I did not see any. I looked up the moon snail and found that while it is found world wide, it is mostly in the Arctic and Antarctic waters. This was starting to really bug me so I searched further and found that the Northern Moon Snail is found in Atlantic waters. So, the Northern Moon Snail might be our culprit. Not likely since we did not see their shells today, but this is my guess.

4. I think that old shells may stay in one spot for a long time and are therefore subject to long periods of intense bleaching sun. Or, they may be in the water for a long time rubbing against the sand wearing them down. The live shells move around and may seek shelter from these damaging forces.

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