Sunday, August 2, 2009

Assignment #3 (Lovells Island)

Today we started out on the nude beach of Lovells Island around 10:30 AM. Th beach was quite rocky and filled with shells from snails, muscles, clams, ect... We were asked to find periwinkles along the shore both alive ones and abandoned shells. After observing the shells for awhile a question arose about the drill hole in he side of some of the shells. Upon searching google for the answer to which organism creates these holes many fingers point in the direction of the Moon Snail.

As we walked along the beach we decided to stop and have lunch until Bruce interupted us with his finding of a bunch of snail shells unlike the ones we saw earlier. He asked the question "Where do you think these came from". Later on in our exploration we found the same kind of snail shells and living snails along the paths of the inner Island. After doing research I have identified these snails as garden snails. They could also be grove snails which would make on wonder why they are in Boston when they are most common in Europe.

After doing much research about the crabs I was unable to come up with an answer of what kind of crab they actually were. If anything I would have to guess that it was just your standard mud crab or the Liocarcinus vernalis. I do know that they live under rocks and they are quite small which are pretty consistent characteristics of these types of crabs.

Yesterdays blog

After reading over every ones thoughts about yesterdays dock experience and spending more time studying organisms today on Lovells Island I was able to come up with an observation. The Tunicates we found yesterday were no where to be found today on Lovells Island. I feel like there is a relationship between the types of material they grown off of. Lovells had very limited dock area so they may have a tendency to attach to them.

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