Saturday, August 1, 2009


After looking at the picture, I think that there is a significant amount more life attached to the dock last year than this year. The only conclusion that I am confident enough to make at this point in my Snails to Whales career is that it is because we have been having serious amounts of rain. Today, we learned that the water is affected by rain in the following ways: salinity, nutrients, speed of current, and clarity of water (tribidity?). My thought is that the increased amount of rain causes a stronger current, therefore fragile things may not be able to hold onto the dock. Another theory is that maybe the rain water is acidic or polluted and therefore inhibits growth of certain life.

I am not able to access blackboard. I clicked the link to the alternate site but am having trouble downloading the hitchhikers information. Perhaps, someone may be kind enough to print me a copy or at least give me a general idea of what I am missing.

Thank you!
Alexandra Carry

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