Saturday, August 1, 2009

First day at the Boston harbor

I must admit that today, August 1, 2009 is some how an amazing day of the days i've spent in Boston. To begin with, the boat cruise was amazing because i didn't know much about islands and how those islands get their names. We begun our cruise at about 10:15 am and the water level at the dock was really high partly because it was early in the morning and the sun had just rose. We saw some islands like the spectacle island, moon island, long island and how they each earned their names. We returned at around 11:30am and we took an hour lunch break.
We returned back to work at 1:05pm by first noting that the water level at the dock had fallen. I however attributed the fall of the water level to the rise in the temperature from the sun. I think evaporation caused the water level to fall. We then continued to Fort Point landing and Barking Crab and we were confidently told that some areas are restricted and some areas are free for public use. To my surprise, I saw a warning, "These stairs are prvately owned, do not treaspass", so we didn't treaspass but continued on the Barking Crab.
At the Barking Crab, we were grouped into teams of two or three. In my team were Chris and Sam. We first started looking for living creatures underneath the docks in the shade. We found a pile of mussel and green leafy particles under the dock. Sam boldly grabbed the pile of mussels and put it on the dock. We then discovered that the mussels had tiny living creatures like shrimp living around it. We made a conclusion that the "tiny living" creatures were tiny shrimp or fish lice. The leafy particle was taken to be a sea weed.
We then moved to the sunny area to get more living creatures under the dock. We somehow found similar creatures like the mussel and the sea weed but the creatures in the sunny area looked more brighter and lively than those in the shade;the idea being that living creatures need water, air and sunlight to grow so those in the sunny area are basically gaining all the essential elements they needed to grow while those in the shade are lacking sunlight.
The diiference between the creatures from last summer and this summer is that last summer's creatures look more lively and brighter than this years. There has been more rain this summer than last summer which means that the level of salt content in the sea has reduced, so the creatures from this summer are finding really hard to grow since they are being deprived of sunlight.
We also got to know that some creatures are considered invassive creatures because they do not belong to the Boston area. Hopefully we will find alot of these invassive creatures in our next class tomorrow. See y'all
Samuel Appiah

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