Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 1 (August 1st)

Today was a great day. The weather was perfect, I got to see somethings that I haven't had the pleasure of seeing yet in Boston, and after getting over the initial 'eww' factor of sticking my hands in the water and pulling out whatever is down, I learned that it's not so bad and can be kind of fun and interesting.

While teamed up with Leana and Chloe at the Barking Crab, we examed a corner of the dock where we found seaweed and mussels on the plastic boxes. We pulled out some brushy red weed that had anthropods crawiling out from everywhich way. These anthropods looked kind of like super tiny shrimps and mites.
Next I found large piece of seaweed, which after lookng in my guidebook I beileve is dulse, a red seaweed. On this piece of seaweed were three different colonies. After examining this undewater, with the help of Bruce we were ble to remove them and look at them seperately. After consulting my guidebook I came to the conclusion that the clear and orange colonies are 'Sea Pork' which are 'hard rubbery lumps with zooids in circular systems'. And the other two colonies were variants of the 'Golden Star Tunicate' and these are 'soft, flat patches or lobes'.

In regards to the picture from last years class, there is a notable differnce from what we saw today. There is noticably more seaweed, mussels, sponges, etc. While comparing the photo from last year to one I took today I do't see much difference in the clarity of the water (but this could just be me). But all of the other factors that we discussed earlier today have definitely play a part in this. The excessive rain that we had in June and July, and in turn the lack of sun. Also the decreased salinity of the water and the lessened boat track that typically occures in the area.

Alexis Fagan

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