Saturday, August 1, 2009

Assignment 2

Hi, everyone.

It's a nice day today, and I have very happy time with you all. First, I want to express my gratitude to you for the help given to make me understand the details of the course and the main points which we are talking about. Thank you so much!

And It's the first time for me to post some observation and view by English, so I just read the assignments by Hilary and Sam that maybe effects me to use the similar form.

Today, we have a whole view of the Boston harbor which is really beautiful and exciting. And after lunch we begin our observation to find out what the hell that is. We visit 3 main areas including Aquarium port area, the Rowes Wharf dock, and the Barking Crab dock(quoted from Sam Gifford .To tell the truth, I only get the name of Barking Crab...I don't know how to describe the other two...)

A. Aquarium port area
There is tide here, and we find some organism(or maybe died). I take some photos (Press to see photos) and I find on the pictures that the seaweed have the opposite leaf on main axis which I think should be SOFT SOUR WEED ( Plate 4 of Altantic Seashore by Kenneth).

B.Rowes Wharf dock
There I also find something interesting because of their light colors (Press to see photos). And I think they should be SEA LETTUCE and GRINNELL'S PINK LEAF ( Plate 1&6 ).

C.Barking Crab dock
There we are going into groups , and I am with Sean and Rene. At first we are observing under the bridge . And take something from the dock which is really not so nice. But we find some organisms (Press to see photos ). It is really a small crab, maybe just half inch which I think should be a GULFWEED CRAB(Plate 58).And there are also some small shrimp(maybe something lik that) wiggling. I think it may be LUCIFER SHRIMP(Plate 52) cause it's small. Apart from that we find something maybe some kind of sponge. But its hardly to figure out it because it's on a shell , a messy coverd shell. Then we find some FRILLED ANEMONE(Plate 12), which is yound I think because of the small tentacles, and it's difficult to take it out from water with no destroy.

After that , we move to the sunshine area, where we find something surprise. And Prof. Berman take it out to watch easily. First is the STAR TUNICATE(Hitchhikers),which is really soft and smooth in surface (Press to see photos ). And there is also an orange things which just like roes I think. I think it may be GOLDEN STAR TUNICATE (Press to see photos). Then I find something under water which looks red. And I think it may be RED BEARD SPONGE(Plate 11)
(Press to see photos) And at last we see a sea star under the water on a wood.

And about why the organisms different from last year. I think may be caused by the rain and the temperature which lead the salinity change( I just heard that it's cool and rainy this year). In last year, there was higher temperature and less rain than this year which may cause the tunicate grows faster if the salinity is high. Maybe the low salinity also make there is less plankton, which used to feed the other organisms.

See you all tomorrow!
Han Han

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