Friday, July 12, 2013

StevieMarie LaMonica: "Bathroom Field Trip"

July 12, 2013

My name is StevieMarie LaMonica. I have lived in Winthrop, MA my entire life, surrounded by the ocean. We are actually now called "Winthrop, By The Sea". I've also grown up around Deer Island - the lovely and marvelous, alien looking, Deer Island - though that's technically part of Boston.

I am taking this class because, honestly, I have to in order to graduate. I will be graduating from BU this August (very excited!).

I do love the ocean; it reminds me of home. The sound; waves,, planes flying over, and the amazing view of the Boston skyline at some beaches around Winthrop. I'm not all that into sand but I love water!

Today my group did a little water test in the bathroom sink to see which way the water drains; clockwise or counter-clockwise. We all came an agreement that the water drained counter-clockwise.

The experiment consisted of Chris filling up the sink with his hand over the sink drain. When we had enough water, Chris turned the water off and removed his hand. We all watched as the water drained.

At first, to me, it was quite confusing; I honestly thought it looked as though the water was going in both directions, but at the final moments, I realized it was going counter-clockwise; my teammates agreed on the final decision.

When searching the internet to see which direction water drains in Australia, I've found that water drains in different directions. The cause seems to be the Coriolis Effect. The coriolis effect is:
the apparent deflection (Coriolis acceleration)  of a body in motion with respect to the earth, as seen by an observer on the earth, attributed to a fictitious force (Coriolis force)  but actually caused by the rotation of the earth and appearing as a deflection to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and a deflection to the left in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here are my sources:

StevieMarie LaMonica

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Bruce Berman said...

Well researched, nice post. But I am afraid that you got it wrong.

The Coriolis force does not effect sinks. It does affect oceans.