Saturday, July 13, 2013

Experiment in the bathroom


Hey ES141,  I'm Stephen Loughran and I am a senior at Boston University. I major in History and I am taking this class to complete an elective requirement.

I am originally from Boston and I have grown up with the ocean as a back yard. I also go to the Caribbean often. What I enjoy most about the ocean is utilizing it for water sports.


A.) In the group I was in we agreed that the water in the sink drained clockwise. We attempted the experiment twice. The water did drain pretty fast. Perhaps I did not fill the sink up enough.

B.) 1. According to "Every day Mysteries" the way water drains does not depend on the hemisphere but rather the design of the "geometric structure of the drain."
      2. According to the whole water draining clockwise in Australia is a myth, created by the Simpson and the X-Files.
      3. Lastly, according to "Today I Find Out" the flow of water down the drain does not depend on the hemisphere.

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Bruce Berman said...

Steve - please post and introduction, and label your post. Thanks.