Saturday, July 13, 2013


My name is Terry Baurley some of the other reasons that I took this class is because I live on the Charles River in Norfork, we moved here in 1990 and I fell in love with the river but I hadn't been here long when I realized the water quality and quantity matters. After I bought my house we realized that there was a water treatment plant upriver from us that dumps partially treated waste into the river, for many months in the year it was not recommended to come in contact with the water even as a boater. In a synchronous series of events I ran into the Charles River watershed Association in an article. So as a result we became involved with the family starting out just doing the Charles River cleanup every year and picking up trash along a roadway, but the real hero in my family is my husband on the third Tuesday of every month for close to 15 or 16 years all year long goes out and pulls water samples from Lake Populatic and my daughter for the past four years has been in charge of water sampling on the 115 bridge and Millis Norfolk line. Because of the increase pressure on the aquifers in this area there's been significant decrease in water flow. Just by observing I can see the water drop 15 feet in any given time of year. I was instrumental in starting a petition in our neighborhood to involve the Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, conservation officials to look into the wastewater treatment plant upriver and to install flow monitors to judge water extraction from the aquifers and River. Kingsbury Pond Association actually took the town Millis Franklin Norfork to court because of current pressures and wasteful practices Kingsbury Pond has dwindled to half its size.
Our house has a shallow well once we came close to running out of water. So when you realize you have a finite source you reduce consumption. So instead of vegtable garden we put in a perennial garden, and I use moisture beads the in all of my plant to reduce watering. We never water are lawn and we have energy audits on a regular basis. Sometimes you have to do simple things like turning off the water when you brush your teeth. Sometimes small things can make a big difference.