Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day Three: Checking Out The Docks

Today the class spent the entire morning and afternoon in the field. We moved around the docks of the Boston Harbor looking at the creatures and vegetation that call the harbor home. Boston's waterfront has become a vibrant area for humans and sea life alike. The class broke into groups and began to "do science."

Today was a hot one. We arrived at the waterfront during low tide. The visibility in the water was roughly 3-5 feet. In the group I was in we discovered and examined,

  • Seaweed that had a green lettuce like appearance. There was also a brownish colored seaweed which moved with the time.
  • Rock weeds, which are a sign of a clean harbor and strong ecosystem.  
  • Clam shells that had washed up on the shore.
  • Seagulls 
  • land birds
  • mussels: Most were eaten and their shells were attached to the dock. Other animals made use of their shells.
  • crabs
  • Striped Bass
  • shrimp and other crustaceans
  • A small fish we captured and then set free
  • Barnacles
  • As a class we pulled up a rope teeming with seaweed, crustaceans, mussels and much more.

Today I saw a harbor that appears to be rich with life. On the surface we humans dominate the harbor; but we are also maintaining a safe environment for other forms of life to flourish as well. Also, today we were reminded that the circle of life can be vicious, as we saw gulls hunt and eat crabs. Although that could just be my values. It was not personal just business as usual at the Boston Harbor. I am looking forward to our next excursion.

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