Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Harbor by Boat

Today we had the opportunity to take a tour of the Boston Harbor on the Harbor Express, which let us see a number of the Boston Harbor islands. As a class we met up at the Mariott Hotel after lunch and there we spent some time looking at the algae and water near the dock. Before we boarded, we learned about the high/low tide and about the water that used to be contaminated in the harbor. After learning a bit about how the water quality has changed from the past to now, we boarded the ferry.

The ferry took us out of Long Wharf down the Inner Harbor. We were able to take a look at Castle Island, Deer Island, the airport, Spectacle Island, Moon Island, Long Island, Nixe's Mate, Lowell and Gallop Islands before arriving to George's to pick up more passengers . After George's Island we rode the ferry all the way down to Quincy Bay, where we stopped for a few minutes to take pictures , but we remained in the boat. On this ride we passed Peddock's Island and Raccoon Island.  Quincy Fore River Shipyard was the final destination and that was a pretty amazing place filled with old ships that still had cannons attached to them and all. On the way back we traced our steps and enjoyed a peaceful boat ride back to the city of Boston.

What struck me the most was Hough's Neck, which is where subsidized housing was placed by the government. However, these facilities were placed in an absolutely terrible location with no public transportation or grocery stores nearby. The people who live there are not in a convenient location and in my opinion it would be very difficult for them to leave that place if they don't have a way to continue growing as citizens of Boston. I was actually very impressed by the individual islands and how they each play a role in the Harbor.

Something else that struck me was how every island had it's unique story. From Spectacle being shaped like sunglasses to George's Island constant number of visitors. Every island we spoke about had it's unique characteristics to it. I am glad I had the opportunity to tour the islands and actually be able to see the "large picture" of the many islands in this beautiful harbor. Today I learned how truly beautiful the different islands are and how lucky I am to be able to actually call my Harbor one of the cleanest there is, and to be able to enjoy the many benefits of the harbor.

Maria Jose Vasquez

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