Friday, July 12, 2013

1st class

 My name is Aleksandra Binkowska. I was born and raised in Poland but moved by myself to the US at 19 years old. The reason I like the ocean is because the place where I grew up was far away from Ocean/Sea so I never had a chance to explore it as a child. Now living in Boston I have a chance to get to know it, enjoy it, and learn new and fascinating things about it every time I go to the beach.
During tonight’s class we got to do an experiment based on how the water drains in the sink. The question was: does it drain clockwise or counter clockwise? Doing the experiment with my classmates we all agreed that the water flows counter clockwise. Right after filling up the sink and moving Patrick's hand away from the drain opening we were able to see the water draining in the counter clockwise way. It was easy to notice since there were some little things floating in the water J.
From the article I learnt that water drains counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere (being pulled to the right) and clockwise in southern (being pulled to the left) only when it comes to objects that are relative to the Earth’s surface and it doesn’t apply to such small bodies of water such as water draining in the sink.
This source informs us that water can swirl either way no matter where you are.
This source just proves the other sources that it doesn’t really depend on which hemisphere you are in.
When it comes to Australia this source informs us that it all depends on “luck”.

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