Thursday, July 25, 2013

Public Forum

For our last half of the class, the atmosphere changed. We have been going to the docks and into the water to 'do' science. However, the focus changed to public opinion and decision making on public interest as well as the well being of the environment. We went to the public forum at 3:00 at the Atlantic Wharf. I had an idea of what would happen, but was pleasantly surprised that the public was quiet and the discussions progressed calmly and without any tension although there were some people with dissenting opinions on some matters. The presentations I was able to see consisted of landowners on the Long Wharf and their ideas for changes of the structure on the exterior of their property. I saw that the debate consisted of profit margins for the landowners and their tenants versus the public interest in being a part of the area on the Long Wharf. It was a great opportunity to see the significance of this area of Boston is so important to the community and is open to discuss several opinions.

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