Saturday, July 13, 2013

13 July 2013, our first visit to the harbor as a group.  We meet for class gathering information on the harbor and some history and background.  We departed and moved to Long Wharf where after a short introduction at the dockside, which included information on the tide cycles and how the places where we were standing and walking were in 1750 under water.  The area has been transformed into a lucrative business district rich in history.   We made our way aboard and departed the wharf and inner harbor for a trip across the harbor.  During this trip different areas which included the Seaport, where pointed out and it is amazing to see how the waterfront of Boston Harbor is so beautiful and filled with activities of all different types.  Sail boats, motor boats, enjoying the day while fisherman and women are on the piers looking to catch dinner.  Twenty five years ago nobody in their right mind would eat anything caught in Boston Harbor, that is if you could catch anything other than a old tire or trash.  As we cleared the inner harbor we passed island upon island, included was Georges with a quick stop there, I was pleased to see how busy  but yet peaceful it was and how clean it has become.  We continued on our trip passing Moon Island and Long Island before coming upon Boston Light.  The trip continued until we had made it to the old Quincy Ship yard where we were meet by a WWII Naval vessel.  We turned around and made our way back through the harbor concluding our trip at Long Wharf.  What a day filled with the sights and sounds of the coast and the historical background to enlighten this Massachusetts native. 

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