Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 3- Journey from the Waterfront to the Barking Crab

On this awesome day, we sought shelter from the glaring sun, but alas, we just could not run. As we returned to our meeting spot from yesterday, it was exhausting trek across the walkway to our final, intended destination: The Barking Crab. Today, we went hands on m

Right to fish in MA.
Invasive species Hitchikeris
White hard shell animals
Green crab- Red, common New England crab. Been here for 300 years.
Periwinkles- Common variation. love darts.
Snails- Generic material in shell.
Freshwater- Plumbing system
Saltwater- boat leak
Things to Observe:
Low tide
Light/Variable Wind 79 degrees
Fairly clear
Visibility psyche disk
~sea about 3-5 feet
Long Wharf @ Christopher Columbus Park
Rocky Seawall. Beach with pebbles to cobbles. Sand.
Feral rabbits attacked birds.
Most Abundant:
2. Green seaweed
1. Black/Brown seaweed.
Rockweed- sticks to the rock
Purple/Red Thing
Mossy thing- Bottom to top of Seawall. Intertidal zone. Exposed to air twice a day.
Sun tidal zone
Benthic zone.
3. Reddish/brown crabs
4. Hermit crabs- Periwinkle, take
5. Clam shell
6. Mussel shell- Purplish
Brazil nut theory
Audoban- shoot, stuff, and draw.
Light Greener area gets more sunlight.
Switchback dock- accessible-friendly for high tide.
Fouling organisms- live on structures.
Green sea lattice
Brown/Red/Green seaweed. Orange things!
Not silver fish.
Mallards lose nets. Have a clutch.
Wicked big storm/wicked high tide.
Sea shanty
Striped bass attacking pieces of bread.
South side of Long Wharf
Brown seaweed anchored but swaying. Rockweed on edges.
700 foot high tower- interfere Logan airport
Every building built in the past 10 years requires public use on the first floor.
No loitering in a public place. harbor towers. Seaport
Thatched Barnacle
Red Mussels
Sponge morphs
F. Evanescence
Clams & muscle farm
Lots of biodiversity
Beard of mussels.
Pounded by waves.
Salinity- Salty, Brackish, Fresh, Sometimes Fresh/Sometimes Salty
Fort Point Channel- Barking Crab
Rainwater/freshwater/storm water
2013: wet or dry year?

Fort Point Channel @ The Barking Crab
Smells like sewage ?
Water is dark
Bugs have died/stay
Sea lettuce
Red mussel
Ascophyllum mackaii
Morton's Egg Chockle
Red crusts

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